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Ever been to a real life maze and thought it wasn't big enough? Well, with Amaze you can get literally get lost in it. Experience and find your way through huge multi-level mazes, watch out for the dangerous enemy and try to get your head to move you in the right direction.

Three different worlds await you – deep space sci-fi world, a world of endless fire and extra scary (almost horror) one. Each of them with many unique levels. Label the right way out with markers and don’t get too lost!

Pyro! for Messenger

Do you ever want to watch your neighbor’s house, your teacher’s car or your boss’s office burns? Now you can with Pyro! for Messenger, an innovative augmented reality app which adds fire effects to your device camera in real time. With direct integration into Facebook Messenger you can share your hot videos and photos with your friends instantly. Just point your device camera to something you would like to be in flames and let your dreams come true.
There are no limits!

Tiny Eagle

TINY EAGLE NEEDS YOUR HELP! Help little flappy bird to fly from its nest as far as is possible! Download one of the most entertaining arcade games on iTunes. Fly as long as you can, compete with your friends and share recorded videos! Simple controls + lovely graphics + sharing and playing with your friends = endless fun!

SHARE YOUR PROGRESS! Do not keep your success for yourself. Share your score or video from the game on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and your e-mail! Show your friends that you're the best “Eagle Flyer” and start the fun right now!

Desert Chase

In Desert Chase you are in control Chase of Johnson, a powerful, natty and heroic character, which has to run through and through endless desert and defeat many obstacles and enemies. To make matters worse, he has only limited supply of water and in these bleak conditions, every drop counts.

Charlie, The Steak

Charlie, The Steak is an ultimate stress-breaker. It is a scapegoat we have created just for you, so you don’t hurt yourself are someone else when you are angry. He is a steak! You will be able to hit him, cut him or burn him - every possible way of torturing him!


We are the leaders in custom built, mobile application software. We walk each client through the build process, step by step, so that they are fully aware of the mobile application development domain. After a client builds an app with us, they will have the tools and expertise they need to launch and evolve their business or ideas in the mobile world.


We find any pitfalls and smooth out the idea to be the most efficient solution on the mobile platform. We utilize the best industry practices for rapid application development, including prototyping ideas so that you're able to see, feel and touch your idea from the early stages to make the final product feel like a mature and robust application.


All of our apps go through a thorough quality assurance process before being submitted to their respective app stores. With years of software architecting, we build solid, functional apps that will keep your users happy and worry free.

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